motd kidda thing..

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motd kidda thing..

Post by Warrior on Sat Aug 18, 2007 3:29 am

I played on this server one time, and after i read the motd, i joined a team and such, and a little box come up, like the top10/admin/rank box kidda thing that comes up... and i guess you can change what ever you want in it, some clans have there clan name/website/forums/ and server adds on it, and otheres have the rules... so yeah anyone know what this is called? Im sure ryu will know, but anyway sence no one reads the motd, we might need that as a reminder of the rules, because you have to hit 0 to exit it, so they will have to look at it.. so yeah, if you can get this running and try it, it could be some use...

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